Black and white gold

It was a soggy Sunday, a perfect day for doing some catch-up on Lightroom and filing. I had got my hands on the family print albums which I wanted to scan so that we had a digital copy of every photo for posterity. Flicking through them, it struck me how little we print our photos these days, as digital is King – email, SMS, Instagram, Facebook, Google, Flickr….the list goes on. Looking at these albums of old black and white photos, some which are 5cm square and some of which were fading, it reminded me of why we take photographs and why we should print them more often. They are little reminders of our past, moments frozen in time and captured on emulsion.

While our memories may fade, photographs will take a bit longer. I’ve really enjoyed looking through these old photographs of our family. It makes me more determined to print more often as there is nothing like a beautifully printed, framed photograph of a moment captured in time.

Black and white gold indeed.

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November 24, 2014

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