Windswept, the rain is horizontal, surely no-one would be out on a day like today, windscreen wipers brush back and forth to wipe away the driving rain, the road ahead is briefly cleared, grey clouds dance across the sky, autumnal colours show fleeting displays, today is a day where it is hard to find colour without circumspection, but I look hard and it is there, I see the loneliness of the long distance runner, “my god that’s dedication”, I come across the remains of a car which fire has turned it to a new palette of colours, unrecognisable, I wonder where it came from, how long will it be there, then another road another spectacle, the Tayto van brings a smile to my face, memories of cheese ‘n’ onion crisps and the turgid arguments about which was best, N Irish or Southern Irish Tayto, isn’t it funny how a drive on a cold winters day can take you on a unexpected journey?

tyrone runnerlong distance runner

tyrone silage and windenergy savers

tyrone tayto vantayto hea-van

tyrone hillsshelter from the elements

tyrone wreckmelted

tyrone wreckbeen on the road to hell

tyrone wreckhell-bent

tyrone river viewto the hills

tyrone reflectionswet wet wet

Tyrone roadeverything’s bending with the wind

tyrone treeswindswept

# # # # # # #

December 29, 2015

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