Into Katie, the wind cuts an icy knife through shoulder blades, Londinium is cold at the best of times, not just in temperature alone, dull glazed Londinium faces stare from behind glass, rain refreshes the dirty streets, today we are on a quest to entertain and be entertained, the carriage doors open to allow elements to disturb the conditioned calm inside, sodden passengers shield themselves from the elements, hoods up, umbrellas fixed, dull eyes firmly set against the driving rain, the sun breaks the status quo, Londinium streets gets baked with heat, the city has a cloak of an illusion of warmth, but I know better, oh yes, onwards to theatre-land, the crowds gather, excitement of the little people shows, the stage is set, the show commences, are we not entertained, the brilliance of the lighting and the acting, the howls of outrage at the villian of the piece, we disappear down into another universe, temporarily, the final curtain, reality returns, homeward bound, the lights go out, renewal, another day, what joy, what life, it seems

Londonium 1

Londonium 1

Londonium 3

Londonium 4

Londonium 5

Londonium 6

Londonium 7

Londonium 8

Londonium 9

Londonium 10

Londonium 11

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March 29, 2016

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